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  • 2. Admin Access to an Existing Account

    In order to complete the task you are requesting we will need an admin user for : whatarmy-watchtower@watchtower-152519.iam.gserviceaccount.com
    For instructions on how to do this please visit:
    Google Support
  • 3. Additional Needs

  • 4. Approval of Tasks

  • WhatArmy will...
    - Set up a new Google Account on behalf of the client
    - Register for Google Analytics and configure basic settings
    - Generate tracking codes and apply those codes to one site
    - Test and confirm that new traffic on the site is registering within Google Analytics
    - Add permissions as needed for external users (upon request)
    - Configure monitoring of analytics data (Managed Clients/where applicable)
    - Configure monthly reports from Google (upon request)
    - Document current setup
  • WhatArmy will not...
    - Perform forensics to track down lost username/password information for existing accounts.
    - Make changes to the site other than to add the tracking codes as required
    - Configure tagging, events, or any other advanced settings within Google Analytics
    - Configure any custom views as part of this standard setup
    - Make changes to improve a site's SEO Ranking
    - Add title tags, or any meta data to the site itself
    - Perform any ongoing tasks to improve a site's search engine standing after setup
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