• 1. Basic Details

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  • 2. Site Content

  • 3. Approval of Tasks

  • WhatArmy will...
    - Run scans and reports to determine how the images are impacting the site now
    - Review your site to identify images that might be too large and impacting site speed and SEO
    - Determine the best plan for optimizing the images based on their placement, quality, and volume. This will depend on if you have a handful of high res images on two-three key pages, or hundreds-thousands of uncompressed blog images across 5 years of posting.
    - Implement optimization plan in staging
    - Upon approval, we will apply optimized images to live site
    - Re-run scanning and test to confirm optimization scores have improved
    I approve WhatArmy to spend up to two hours completing the above tasks. I understand that If it will take longer an account manager will provide me with an estimate for approval.
  • WhatArmy will not...
    - Swap out images for new media
    - Optimize any video
    - Crop, photoshop or in anyway alter the media on the site
    - Alter the way images are displayed on the website
    - Adjust CSS or any responsive states on the website
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