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  • 2. Account Access

    In order to complete the task you are requesting we will need an admin user for : whatarmy-watchtower@watchtower-152519.iam.gserviceaccount.com
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    Goole Support
  • 3. Approval of Tasks

  • WhatArmy will...
    - Confirm that a site is in fact infected with malicious code, and that any complaints from users/search engines/blacklists are in fact valid
    - Identify and remove any malicious code from the site using a combination of manual reviews and automated scannning tools
    - Determine how the site was exploited and look to close any loopholes
    - Replace all core WordPress and Plugin files with known good versions of the software
    - Update all Plugins and Core WordPress files to the latest stable versions
    - Change all WordPress Administrator level account passwords (approval from client required)
    - Change Database passwords (Assuming appropriate permissions are provided)
    - Change FTP passwords (approval from client required) Re-scan site using multiple tools to ensure that site is clear
    - Coordinate removal from any Blacklists that the site may have been added to
    - Request removal of malicious content from Google search results (where applicable)
  • WhatArmy will not...

    - We will not move a site as part of this, that would be a separate product and would require additional time.
    - We will not add the Sucuri Firewall or any other Proxy service as part of this. That would be a separate product
    - We can not guarantee that the site will never ever be hacked again. We can be 99% certain that things are clear but there are never any guarantees unless a site is fully rebuilt from scratch.
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