• 1. Basic Details

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  • 2. SEO & Key Word Details

  • If you have already done keyword research and would like to provide us with meta titles, descriptions, etc. Please upload an organized excel sheet or doc here
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • A task manager will be following up regarding this item. However if you have any additional information to provide or questions please list it here.
  • 3. Approval of Tasks

  • WhatArmy will...
    - Install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin on your site.
    - Activate and adjust display to show custom titles/tags in page view
    - Check Sitemap and ensure that it is working normally
    - Check pages and ensure that metadata is being published properly
    - Add Customer provided titles and descriptions on T&M Basis
    - Add basic titles and descriptions based on site content on T&M Basis

    Review and provide a report on possible optimizations that can be made, which can include:
    - Writing up meta-tags for all your most important pages (these are short descriptions of the page's content that will be displayed below the page link in Google Search results)
    - Adding canonical tags to all pages (eliminates issues of duplicate content on different URLs)
    - Fixing and redirect 404 Page Not Found errors (these errors make it hard for Google's bots to crawl your site and can decrease your site's ranking)
  • WhatArmy will not...
    - be held responsible for SEO Performance
    - identify keywords nor perform keyword research
    - generate meta titles, descriptions, h1, h2 tags, etc.
    - guarantee any outcome
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